Computational biology is a new academic field, born of a fusion of the life and information sciences. The Department of Computational Biology at the University of Tokyo works to develop a wide range of research toward understanding life as a system, and to nurture the generation of researchers who will ensure the future of this new and exciting field.


To new students of this year

We will hold the guidance for the department as scheduled.
If you have any questions, please contact the responsible staff written in your enrollment documents.


Global COE “Deciphering Biosphere from Genome Big Bang”

Deciphering Biosphere from Genome Big Bang” (Leader: Prof. Shinichi Morishita) has been selected as one of the FY2009 Global COE (Center of Exellence) programs.

2015 Academic Year Department Brochure (PDF)

(Errata for 2015 Academic Year Entrance Examination Guidelines[2014,May,21])