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May 6-10 THE BIOLOGY OF GENOMES at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

April 11 The kick-off meeting of the new EU-funded MetaHIT at France


December 9-10 International Human Microbiome Consortium Meeting at Washington

November 27-28 The 7th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics

October 18 Release of new human gut metagenome WGS data, 353,805 entries

July 11-13 Metagenomics 2007 at UCSD

May 26 BBQ Party

We had the BBQ party in this

May 8-12 The meeting 'THE BIOLOGY OF GENOMES' at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Professor had attended the meeting in CSHL.

April 22-24 NIH Human Microbiome Project Worshop at NIH

Professor had discussed the metagenomics of human microbiomes with many researchers.

March 25 Lab. Moving out to the Kashiwa campus

We had moved out from Kitasato Univ. to Kashiwa campus in the Unversity of Tokyo.

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