Submission Guidelines

General Information

Presentations are sought in all areas related to computational-, omics-, and systems biology, and novel research results by young scientists will be given precedence.

"Travel support" in the following description will include: expenses on flight tickets, local transportations, hotels, banquets, lunches, and hotel reservations by the conference committee.

Oral/Poster Presentation with Travel Support Track

Participants wishing to make an oral or poster presentation AND to obtain full travel support must submit an abstract and a CV via the Registration page by August 31, 2008.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed, and accepted abstracts will be allocated to "Oral Presentation with travel support" or "Poster Presentation with travel support". In case your submission is not accepted, you can resubmit it to the Poster Presentation without Travel Support Track.

If you don't wish to make an oral presentation even if your abstract is highly evaluated, you can submit it to the Poster Presentation with Travel Support Track. Nevertheless, please note that submissions to the Oral/Poster Presentation with Travel Support Track will be given priority in the review process.

Poster Presentation without Travel Support Track

Participants wishing to make a poster presentation but NOT to obtain full travel support must submit an abstract via the Registration page by September 19 (from Taiwan and other countries) or September 30 (from Japan), 2008.

Any submission will be accepted, as far as the conference hall capacity allows.

JSBi Session with Travel Support Track

For undergraduate students from Japanese universities, we will hold a Japanese-language session, which is supported by the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics. Thus we would like to invite enthusiastic undergraduate students to the conference, by offering full travel support and giving opportunities to make short oral presentations in the JSBi session.

Undergraduate students who wish to make a short oral presentation and get the full travel support must submit a letter of application (in Japanese) via the Registration page by September 12, 2008.

Manuscript Preparation

Abstract (Oral/Poster presentation tracks)

To prepare an abstract, please use the style format HERE (MS Word .doc file). If you need to change the format or have any other question regarding this matter, please send email to .

Abstract must be 1 page of A4 size and prepared in English according to the format provided above. Please submit a pdf version of the manuscript, via the Registration page.

On the title section of the manuscript, please do not forget to indicate the presenter's name with underline.

CV (Oral/Poster presentation tracks with travel support)

Please provide your CV as an A4, 1-4 pages, English, pdf-formatted file. You can use either the style format HERE (MS Excel .xls file) or your favorite formatting. As an example, a CV may include:

  • English Full Name (LASTNAME, Firstname)
  • Full Name in Your Own Language (LASTNAME, Firstname)
  • Affiliation
  • E-mail Address
  • Education Profile
  • Publication List
  • Conference Presentation List
  • Honors and Awards
  • Other information that indicates that you are a person to be supported

Letter of Application (JSBi session for undergraduates)

There is no prepared format for a letter of application; please describe your name, affiliation, research, and motivation for joining the conference in a 1 page of A4 pdf-formatted file in Japanese to indicate that you are a person to be supported. Then, please submit your file as an "abstract file" via the Registration page.

Presentation Preparation

Oral Presentation

Oral presenters will be given a 15 min slot (12 min presentation + 3 min question).

Poster Presentation

All posters will be allocated a space of 1190 mm height x 840 mm width (ISO A0 paper size).

Short oral presentation in the JSBi session

JSBi short oral presenters will be allocated a 10 min slot (tentative: the exact length can be changed later).


From each of oral presenters, poster presenters, and JSBi-session presenters, best presentation award will be given to outstanding presentations.


If you have any question, send email to



The 2nd Taiwan-Japan Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Systems Biology
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